Our first CRISPR-edited cells!

Our first CRISPR-edited death-inducible mesenchymal line! Thanks Sonia for the precision of your molecular scissors!


Soran and Marvin's last days as master students

Today was the occasion for us to thank Soran and Marvin for their paramount contribution to the lab during the past 6 months, we wish you the best for your personal and professional future and we hope to see you in Sweden again!


Our first 3D Bioreactors are operating!

The lab just set up its first 3D perfusion-based bioreactors. This technology will open the gates to a broad range of functional investigations through in vitro engineering of tunable human hematopoietic stem cell niches.


Escape the cave & French cuisine!

As Indiana Jones, the team successfully uncovered the secrets and mysteries of Aztec treasures and gave their best impersonation of 20's style spy agents. After saving the world (twice), we gathered around a well-deserved French dinner.


Welcome Ani and Steven!

We are very happy to welcome Ani Grigoryan and Steven Dupard as lab members 7th and 8th! Ani will perform a postdoctoral study in the lab, centered around the exploitation of our human ossicle model. Instead, Steven just engaged in the Lund University PhD program. He will design customized hematopoietic niches in 3D in vitro systems. We wish them a happy start at the CTO lab!


Welcome aboard Sonia!

This week we welcome our new lab member, Sonia Ferveur! Sonia studies at the Ecole Superieure de Biotechnologie Strasbourg (ESBS, France) and will perform her master thesis for the next 6 months. Sonia aims at generating new MSOD lines using the Crispr/CaS9 system, in order to edit their transcriptional profiles. In that way, Sonia targets to tightly control what proteins a given MSOD line secrete or not. We wish her a successful research during her time here, as well as an exciting discovery of the Swedish life!


Our first Ossicles !

The lab just accomplished his first generation of ossicles! These consist in fully mature bone organs, with structure and composition identical to native bones. The process was achieved by priming our cells toward chondrogenesis for 3 weeks in vitro, followed by a 6 weeks in vivo incubation time (subcutaneous implantation in mice). The timing and efficiency of remodeling is simply remarkable, and lay the ground for investigating deeper how this endochondral mechanism function.


Teaching day @ the CTO!

The 25th of January, we hosted 12 PhD students & postdocs in the context of the Wallenberg research school in regenerative medicine. The course was centered around the methods for Skeletal regeneration, which we tried to explain via different practical workshops. We hope that the participants got a broad view of the key techniques in placed in our lab, and that they had fun in the mean time!


Merry christmas and a happy New Year!

During Christmas, most of the lab’s crew will return home to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year too. See you next year 🙂


3D printer

The lab just received a brand new 3D printer, set up by Marvin. This new device will allow designing personalized pieces of equipment at affordable price. First prints are on the go!


Welcome to our newcomers!

Since November 3rd: Sujeethkumar Prithiviraj, Marvin Grischke and Soran Alatas joined the CTO lab!
Sujeeth has been hired as Research Assistant after obtaining his Master degree from Aachen university in germany. He will exploit the ossicle model to gather information on the endochondral bone formation.
Marvin is part of the ETH Zürich and he is performing his Master Thesis here in Lund. He will aim at demonstrating that the properties of biological matrices can be finely tuned, similarly to the properties of their synthetic counterparts.
Soran is part of the EPFL in Lausanne and also came to the lab to prepare his Master Thesis. He is concentrating his efforts on quantifying the fate of hMSCs in engineered cartilage and bone tissues.