Today dimitra presented her work on the next gem seminar series

Dimitra Zacharaki presented her work using the humanised ossicle model for the stablishment of autologous AML niches.
Congratulations Dimitra on the good work!


Sujeeth presented his work at the WCMM friday club

Today Sujeeth took part in the WCMM friday club. He presented his work on the generation of tissue engineered grafts for bone and cartilage regeneration and their potential immunogenicity


Congrats Ani for winning the award to paper of the year from the Lund SCC!

Ani Grigoryan won the prize to best paper of the year 2022 in the Lund SCC for her paper published last year in science translational medicine where we showed the capabilities of the ossicle model for the study of different tumor metastasis. Read more about it on our publications page!


We are at the Lund SCC annual retreat!

Today the CTO team joined the annual Lund Stem Cell Centre retreat. During our time there Sujeeth and Steven shared the latest advancements in their projects in the development of standardized grafts for cartilage regeneration and the mitochondria transfer between niche and hematopoietic cells respectively.
We also had the chance to reunite with Ani, the first CTO postdoc to leave the lab to establish her own at Ulm University where she researches how aging affects the bone marrow niche. Tomorrow she will also be presenting her paper on the use of the ossicle model as a platform to study tumor metastasis, as a candidate for best paper of the year.


Alejandro shared his research project in the next gen seminar series

Today Alejandro presented his advancements on the generation of decellularized cartilage grafts for bone regeneration. This research pushes tissue engineering towards a paradigm shift towards standardized cell sources and the application in different bone injury models.


Welcome Medea to the CTO team!

This week Medea, from the University of Applied Sciences Krems in Austria joined the CTO lab.
During her time with us she will join Dimitra for the characterization of mesenchymal stromal cells from leukemic patients in humanized ossicles.


The CTO team participates to the ESB 2023 conference

This week Alejandro and Paul are proudly representing the CTO team in the European Society for Biomaterials conference 2023.
During these days we will be sharing our research on the immunogenicity and regenerative potential of hypertrophic cartilage grafts.


Congratulations Lucille for your Master Defense

Lucille joined the CTO lab from France, during her stay in the CTO lab she worked with David researching vascular associated MSC populations.


Congratulations Patrizia on your Master Thesis defense

Patrizia joined the CTO lab from Uppsala university back in January. During her time here she worked mainly on quality assessments on different MSOD-B batches. Now she will be looking for her next step in her career abroad.


Congratulations Tommi for your master defense

Today we celebrate Tommi's master thesis defense. During his time as part of the CTO team he has been studying how premineraliaztion of cartilage grafts can enhance bone regeneration.
Now he is moving on to developing his career as a medical doctor.
Best wishes in your future Tommi.


Closing the 2023 LU SCC conference

This week the CTO team joined the 2023 Lund Stem Cell Centre conference celebrating its 20 anniversary.
During the last 3 days, we had the chance to share our latest advancements in our research as well as diving into the great research of the center and the amazing invited researchers with international profiles.
Congratulations to everyone who assisted and to the team that made it happen.


WCMM Research day

Today we participated in the 2023 edition of the WCMM research day. All the WCMM researchers came together to share their cutting edge research. In his presentation, Steven shared his progress and accomplishments throughout his Ph.D. and grabbed the price for the best presentation of the day.


Good Bye Yuan

This week was the last one for Yuan in our lab after 2 years working as a bioinformatician across different projects. Now she is continuing her career in the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure (NBIS) from Lund.
Best of wishes in your career!


Welcome to Aurelie

We welcome Aurelie Baudet to the lab!
In the mini-bones team, she will be focusing on therapy escape in AML, characterizing the response of patient-derived xenografts (conventional and ossicles) to treatment and comparing it to the evolution of the disease in the patient. By tackling the mechanism behind disease relapse, we aim at developing tools predictive of patient’s response to treatment.


Steven presented a recapitulation of his PhD projects in our seminar series.

Today Steven gave a presentation about the new work done on the bioreactor and the mitochondria transfer at the first BMC C12 seminar. Very interactive presentation with plenty of relevant questions. Thanks to Anders Malmström for giving us the opportunity to present our work!


Welcome Patrizia

She has a bachelor's degree in Molecular Medicine from the University of Göttingen in Germany. Since the last two years she has been studying her master’s studies in Molecular Medicine at Uppsala University. Before coming to Lund, she was studying for 6 months at Ghent University, as part of the Erasmus program, to take courses in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. During her master thesis in our lab, she will investigate the batch-to-batch variation of the MSOD-B cell line and the impact on the quality of 3D-engineered cartilage tissues.


Goodbye Joao

Today Joao finished his internship in our lab. He has been working on characterizing the mitochondrial transfer process between MSCs and HSCs, punching forward the project towards publicaiton.
Best of lucks in the future Joao


Last day of Karin in the lab

Karin has been working with us for the last year working on her master thesis project, studying the effect of RUNX2 CRISPR knock outs as part of her master thesis project.
We are incredibly happy of your pass through the lab and we wish you the best on your future career as a researcher!


We have been awarded a new ERC grant

We have been awarded an ERC P.O.C. grant this will impulse the development of our first spin-off product!


Dimitra presented our Ossicle technology to the Stem Cell Center

During the Stem Cell Center retreat Dimitra took the lead at showing all researchers in the center our model and its many advantages.
Congratulations Dimitra for your fantastic job an effort!


Congratulations Dimitra for your new position

Recently Dimitra starter her new position as a research and product development manager. She will take the lead on the early development of the first group spin-off product.


New Leica Stellaris platform

We recently got installed a new Leica Stellaris confocal microscope, this platform has the advantage of super fast acquisition as well as being capable of live cell imaging. It will soon be available for the Stem Cell Center


Goodbye Ani

Today we say goodbye to Ani, she has been working as a post doctoral researcher in the lab for the last 2 years, working on the characterization of the ossicle model for hematopoiesis.
Now she is moving on in her research career as an independent researcher in Ulm university where she will be researching hematopoiesis and aging.


Congratulations Steven for your succesfull half time defense!

Steven had his PhD thesis halftime, very engaging feedback and special thanks to the reviewing committee composed of Niels-Bjarne Woods, Darcy Wagner, and Jonas Larsson.


Welcome Joao to the team

Welcome to Joao from Lisboa.
Joao Joined the lab as a master student to study the mitochondrial transfer mechanisms occuring between human MSCs and HSCs


Welcome Ludovica to the team

Recently Ludovica joined the team. From the university of Turin she joined to work on the study of iPS-MSCs and their potential to develop bone in in-vivo systems


Congratulations Sujeeth for your successful half time defense

On February 17th Sujeeth defended his half time thesis titled ``Assessing Osteoinductivity and Immunogenicity of Engineered Tissue Grafts``.
Congratulations for your success!


New addition to the team!

Let us introduce David, our latest addition to the team as a PhD student.
His project aims at clearing the mess around the functional diversity of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) using a combination of tissue engineering and transcriptomix.
Welcome David


New method article from Steven on the engineering of hematopoietic niches in bioreactors!

Steven Dupard describes in this Springer book chapter how 3D hematopoietic niches can be engineered in perfusion bioreactor. This is performed through the differentiation of human mesenchymal cells on specific scaffolding materials.